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waymaker aqua ticket #TheAdoptShoppecard

waymaker aqua ticket #TheAdoptShoppecard

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Our adorable 2 sided cards feature our shoppe info on one side and one of our original designs on the other.  This particular card is designed to look like a vintage ticket with a textured/faded looking background and perfect little reyes touches like “perforation” marks on the edges and amazingly vintage fonts! Perfect for Bible journaling, planners, bullet journals, taping to your mirror or in your car, tucking inside a card for a friend or your child's lunchbox, or leaving as an encouragement for a stranger. What will you do with your #TheAdoptShoppecard?

This matte card has a “soft” feel and measure approx 3.5” x 2”.

[this listing is for a SINGLE #TheAdoptShoppecard only. Other things pictured (including necklaces) are not included.]




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